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Made with 100% Korean soybeans, traditional recipe. Clean water of Cho-dong area,
Milyang’s crisp air and abundant sunlight makes this Jang a true gift from nature.
ang a true gift from nature.
The basic ingredient of all Korean traditional food is soybean paste. Methods to make soybean paste vary depending on households or regions and there are dozens of ways to make it. In addition, soybean paste was used to tell the fortune of the family. For this reason, women in the family were extra careful to make tasty soybean paste.

However, it is widely recognized that it is hard to preserve Korea’s traditional taste with standardized soybean paste products in the globalizing modern market. Even if households try to make their own soybean paste, it is not easy to reproduce the unique taste of traditional soybean paste due to many circumstances. However, this is not to say that we can eliminate soybean paste from our table. For this reason, traditional soybean paste has gradually faded away from our table, and chemical doenjang (seasoned doenjang) has replaced its place. Also, even if we had traditional soybean paste, their varying tastes, even if made of Korean soybeans, cannot prove their reliability.

Taking into consideration the above-mentioned, Jangmaeul’s traditional doenjang is made in clean air and naturally fermented in the sun, in order to preserve pure, traditional doenjang and provide tasty, safe doenjang made of Korean soybeans in all four seasons on the table. We will try our best to provide our traditional doenjang widely, by producing 100 tons of soybeans in our farms as big as 200 thousand pyeong located in Miryang and Jeju. The motto of Jangmaeul is “Delicious, Clean, and Honest”. With this motto, we promise to provide affluence to your health and table. Thank you.
CEO Kyumin Park
Jang Maeul is using only clean water, and all-natural ingredients from clean area
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    We are using selected quality soybeans stick to the traditional recipe –hanging the soybean lump with straw, letting dry and age in natural wind.
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    We use quality salt removed of bittern, and use red clay rooms to ferment the beans and mold.
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    Added with none of additives or preservatives, our Jangs are all-natural, keeping you safe from any environmental hormones.
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    Cho-dong are of city of Milyang is known for its clean water, abundance of sun and natural habitat.
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    We are putting our every concern to control the environment in making Jang.
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