Story of Tasty Sauce
About Doenjang
Doenjang is known for its long history and numerous benefits.
History of Jang (fermented foods) traces back to when agriculture started in Korean peninsula. An ancient script of Samguk sagi records the use of Shi –an ancient word for Jang- as one of the presents of the Queens used to offer to the King, along with rice wine, honey, rice and dried foods. From this text it is assumed that since then Jang had been one of the essentials in Korean cuisine. In the same context Shi is explained as “Baeyeom yoo-sook”, where “sook” means beans and “yoo” means dark. This can be inferred to mean that beans are boiled, fermented and darkened with salt.
Jang Maeul’s Joseon Soybean Doenjang
Made of clean water and natural ingredients from clean areas
- Traditional fermentation method, Science of taste
- Created by Jangmaeul’s know-how earned through long-term research & development
- selected quality beans
- beans and mold fermented in red clay rooms
Jang Maeul’s Jangs are delicious because:
- Doenjnag made with 100% soybeans, without any added preservatives or coloring
- Compared with other brands, our Doenjang contains more than 10 times of Amino acids, which is known to decide the overall taste of Jang.
- Meticulous control on the conditions including temperature, humidity and time of fermentation.
- Clear water from Milyang region, known for its clean environment
- Traditional way of Ongi-fermenting (fermentation done in ceramic jars) -preservative-free, environmental hormone-free
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