Story of Tasty Sauce
About Gochujang
Korea’s unique traditional food with a subtle balance of sweetness,
umami taste, saltiness and spiciness.

Researches trace back the appearance of Gochujang in Korean cuisine to the late 18th century. “Jeungbo sanrip gyeong-je (增補山林經濟)” writes a recipe where one “put the rice flour and red pepper flakes into quality slated water and age with sun,” indicating that something similar to today’s Gochujang had been made then.
Jang Maeul’s Joseon Gochujang
Selected, quality red pepper flakes
- long fermented (3 to 4 months) for deep and spicy taste
- Umami taste added with glutinous rice and barley flour
- Meju’s deep taste, subtle sweetness and flavor from traditional recipe using malt
- beautiful red color
Jang Maeul’s Jangs are delicious because:
- Doenjnag made with 100% soybeans, without any added preservatives or coloring
- Compared with other brands, our Doenjang contains more than 10 times of Amino acids, which is known to decide the overall taste of Jang.
- Meticulous control on the conditions including temperature, humidity and time of fermentation.
- Clear water from Milyang region, known for its clean environment
- Traditional way of Ongi-fermenting (fermentation done in ceramic jars) -preservative-free, environmental hormone-free
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