Story of Tasty Sauce
About Ssamjang
Mix of Gochujang and Doenjang; a must for your Korean barbeque or roll (ssam) Doenjang
Ssamjang is almost same with Gochujang, but added with more ground red pepper. Tracing back, early Gochujang used to be simply Doenjnag added with a handful of red pepper flakes. As Gochujang became more different from Doenjang, Ssamjang also gained a separate position as a kitchen essential.
Joseon Rice Ssamjang
Our traditional ssamjang is made with our own know-hows.
Using 100% Korean soybeans, well-aged Meju and traditional gochujang are mixed in a right balance –that exact taste of Korean childhood. It is not as delicious or strong as other ssamjangs in the market, rather with more depth and mildness. Superior nutrients and depth to the flavor, all added with the long aging process, it the uniqueness of our Joseon rice ssamjang.
Jang Maeul’s Jangs are delicious because:
- Doenjnag made with 100% soybeans, without any added preservatives or coloring
- Compared with other brands, our Doenjang contains more than 10 times of Amino acids, which is known to decide the overall taste of Jang.
- Meticulous control on the conditions including temperature, humidity and time of fermentation.
- Clear water from Milyang region, known for its clean environment
- Traditional way of Ongi-fermenting (fermentation done in ceramic jars) -preservative-free, environmental hormone-free
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