Story of Tasty Sauce
About Makjang
Jangmaeul Makjang is a highly nutritious, fermented Korean traditional food that can be made faster and eaten sooner than doenjang
Unlike ordinary miso remaining in soy sauce (soy sauce), you can eat quickly after soaking.
Depending on the area, it is said that it has been dipped into the meju and dipped in the flour.
 After 10 days of soaking, you can eat a lot of it in Gyeongsang and Gangwon.
Joseon Makjang
Our traditional Makjang is made with our own know-hows.
In the rainy season, Chosun is used as a bean, and the bean is roasted in the Hwangtobang.
Wheat and barley with a good red pepper powder, natural matured in the sunshine of the traditional confectionery
The taste is different from the sesame seeds, and the aftertaste is neat and fresh
If you want to be sweet and not miso
It is a gem that boasts of miso miso.
Jang Maeul’s Jangs are delicious because:
- Doenjnag made with 100% soybeans, without any added preservatives or coloring
- Compared with other brands, our Doenjang contains more than 10 times of Amino acids, which is known to decide the overall taste of Jang.
- Meticulous control on the conditions including temperature, humidity and time of fermentation.
- Clear water from Milyang region, known for its clean environment
- Traditional way of Ongi-fermenting (fermentation done in ceramic jars) -preservative-free, environmental hormone-free
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