Story of Tasty Sauce
About fermented food(Cheongukjang)
Fermentation means, in a wider sense, using microorganisms to and their enzymatic reactions to bring the chemical breakdown of the substance.
Despite the long history of fermentation across the culture, its scientific explanation ages no more than 200 years. The word fermentation originates from a Latin ferverve (to boil), and this is assumed to have expressed the carbonate bubbles brought by the process of alcoholic fermentation.
Now with enhanced production process, and more active enzymes
- 100% Korean soybeans
- fermented in red clay rooms and high heat; perfect environment for fermentation of cheonggukjang
- high lactobacillus
- can be enjoyed in many ways: fresh, in soup, with milk or yogurt,
Jang Maeul’s Jangs are delicious because:
- Doenjnag made with 100% soybeans, without any added preservatives or coloring
- Compared with other brands, our Doenjang contains more than 10 times of Amino acids, which is known to decide the overall taste of Jang.
- Meticulous control on the conditions including temperature, humidity and time of fermentation.
- Clear water from Milyang region, known for its clean environment
- Traditional way of Ongi-fermenting (fermentation done in ceramic jars) -preservative-free, environmental hormone-free
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